• Lars Arge and Mikkel Thorup get best paper award at ISACC 2013

  • MADALGO researchers publish in Nature Communications

  • Pankaj Agarwal appointed honorary doctor at Aarhus University

  • MADALGO Summer School 2013: Feature

  • Lars Arge in Danish TV News broadcast

  • MADALGO awarded grant from The Danish National Advanced Technology foundation

  • Danish Minister for Science, Innovation and Higher Education visits MADALGO

  • MADALGO selected as success story in a new DNRF publication

  • Lars Arge named 2012 ACM Fellow

  • Kasper receives Best Paper and Best Student Paper Award at STOC’12

Visitors to MADALGO


MADALGO in the media





  • Casper Kejlberg-Rasmussen, obtained his PhD degree from Aarhus University in November 2013. Casper is now employeed as a software developer at Danish Commodities.


  Casper Kejlberg-Rasmussen


  • Wei Yu went on from his post-doctoral fellowship at CTIC (Center for the Theory of Interactive Computation) and MADALGO.


  Wei Yu


  • Cicimol Alexander went on from her post-doctoral fellowship at ECOINF (Ecoinformatics and Biodiversity) and MADALGO to a post-doctoral fellowship at TU Bergakademie Freiberg.


  Cicimol Alexander
  • Vaida Ceikute obtained her PhD degree from Aarhus University in December 2013.
  Vaida Ceikute




  Constantinos Tsirogiannis
  • Else Magård went on from her job as a Center Manager at MADALGO to become Chief Administrative Officer at DANDRITE (Danish Research Institute of Transnational Neuroscience).
Picture soon to come



MSc in Århus, September 23, 2010.

  Jonas Suhr Christensen



Hossein Jowhari went on from his Post-doctoral fellowship at MADALGO.
  Hossein Jowhari
Kasper Green Larsen obtained his PhD degree from Aarhus University 17 May 2013.
  Kasper Green Larsen




  • Jesper Erenskjold Moeslund obtained his PhD degree from Aarhus University in December 2012. Jesper Erenskjold Moeslund’s PhD is an interdisciplinary project involving MADALGO (Department of Computer Science), Ecoinformatics & Biodiversity (Department of Bioscience), and Agroecology (DCA). Jesper went on to work at Danish Centre for Environment and Energy (DCE).
  Jesper Erenskjold Moeslund




  Freek van Walderveen



  Lasse Kosetski Deleuran



  Qin Zhang




  Elad Verbin




  • June 2012 Khan Do Ba obtained his PhD degree from from MADALGO (CSAIL, MIT).
  Khan Do Ba




  Rishi Gupta




  Tom Morgan



  Lap-Kei Lee


MSc in Århus, Marts 23, 2012.

  Andreas Koefoed-Hansen






  • December 2011 Christian Sommer ended his Post-doctoral fellowship with MADALGO and went on to work at Apple.
  Christian Sommer




  • December 2011 Siamak Tazari ended his Post-doctoral fellowship at MADALGO and went on to work at Google.
  Siamak Tazari


  Jelani Nelson



  • In February 2011, Mark Greve joined Facebook (and in May  VMware) as a software engineer intern until joining Octoshape as a software engineer in July 2011.
  Mark Greve




  • Thor Prentow worked as Center programmer at MADALGO for 3 years. Thor is now working as programmer at SCALGO.
  Thor Prentow



  • Konstantinos Tsakalidis obtained his PhD degree from MADALGO in September 2011. Konstantinos went on to be a Post-doctoral fellow at the HKUST, Hong Kong.
  Konstantinos Tsakalidis



  Pooya Davoodi




  Nodari Sitchinava





  Deepak Ajwani



  Peyman Afshani



MSc in Århus, September 23, 2010.

  Jonas Suhr Christensen



MSc in Århus, September 16, 2010.

  David Kjær



PhD at AU in 2010.

  Allan Grønlund Jørgensen



  Mohammad Ali Abam



PhD at MIT in 2009.

  Oren Weimann


PhD at AU in 2009.

  Martin Olsen


PhD at AU in 2009.

  Thomas Mølhave




  Peter Hachenberger



MSc in Århus, April 4, 2009.

  • Henrik Bitsch Kirk went on to work as Java Developer at / netarchivesuite (a danish cooperation between Statsbiblioteket and Det Kongelige Bibliotek, which purpose is to keep all danish webpages for cultural heritage).
  Henrik Bitsch Kirk



MSc in Århus, February 25, 2009.

  Krzysztof Piatkowski



  Srinivasa Rao Satti





Henrik Blunck
  Henrik Blunck


PhD at MIT in 2008.

  Anastasios Sidiropoulos


PhD at MIT in 2008.

  • Mihai Patrascu went on to do a Postdoc at IBM Almaden, and will start as a researcher at ATT Labs in summer 2009.
  Mihai Patrascu




  • Kevin L. Chang went on from his Postdocoral fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Computer Science in Germany.
  Kevin L. Chang



MSc in Århus, December 19.

  Claus Andersen


MSc in Århus, Juli 4th.

  Anders Hessellund Jensen


MSc in Århus, Marts 25th.

  Jonas Maturana Larsen


MSc in Århus, Marts 25th.

  Michael Nielsen




PhD in Århus, September 7th.

Gabriel Moruz
  Gabriel Moruz



PhD in Århus, October 15th.

Johan Peter Nilsson
  Johan Peter Nilsson




Msc Århus 2007

  Lars Hvam Petersen



  Sathish Govindarajan

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